Welcome Riders

Welcome to our team!  We are a group of riders who love spending hours on our bikes appreciating the amazing hills and mountains that surround us.  We also live to race and look forward to our NorCal race season which runs from February-May.  We race cross country which is a mix of single track, fire roads, uphill, downhill, and everything in between.  We believe in safety first, and always respecting other riders, hikers, animals, and nature on our adventures. 


Rider Expectations

  • Come to practice

  • Have a working bike and good helmet

  • Always wear your helmet while riding.

  • Have good sportsmanship

  • Stay off illegal trails

  • Respect each other and others on the trail

  • Come prepared! (water, snack, inflated tires).

  • Ride safely, know your limits.

  • Communicate with your coach

  • Enjoy yourself!!